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Professional SEO Services

Jun 23, 17
Frederick Imes
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Improve website rankings

Every business should have an online presence, starting with a good, professionally made website. From there, if they want to show up in the search results in different web browsers, they will need to hire a company to do SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO is the process of optimizing information on the site itself, as well as optimizing off the site in the form of building relationships with other websites that will link to them.

This will increase a website’s rankings on the major search engines which include Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Google, of course, has by far the majority of the search traffic, so it’s the main one most people focus on. Increased rankings will typically bring an increased level of traffic and long term natural success.

SEO Process

The search engine optimization process generally works as follows. A website gets crawled by automated software agents called spiders. These spiders read information on the site such as the content, page titles, descriptions, and meta data. From this information, the search engines determine the relevancy of the web pages by applying a set of rules known as an algorithm. Each search engine has a different algorithm, and the algorithm determines whether to include a specific page of your website in the search results, based on the information that the spiders gather.

The purpose of hiring a Tampa Bay SEO St. Petersburg company is to have them make alterations to the website so that it appears SEO friendly to the search engines. There are a couple of ways businesses do this, known as white hat seo, grey hat seo, and black hat. White hat SEO is the ethical way to optimize a site, done by adhering totally to Google’s terms of service. Grey hat is generally considered to blur those lines a little, while black hat is completely unethical and can do damage in the long run to a website, even to the point of getting it de-indexed.

What to expect

These are the most common things one should expect when hiring a company to work on their site.

  • A Search Engine Optimization Consultant who practices SEO best techniques
  • In depth keyword research to determine optimal search terms
  • Analysis of site architecture
  • Optimization of meta tags, title tags, content, internal linking structure
  • SEO Copy Writing
  • XML Sitemap
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Google, Yahoo, Bing Submission
  • Robots.txt creation
  • Monthly Ranking Reports to track ranking progression

Tampa Bay

There are many agencies in the Tampa Bay area that are very good and provide an excellent, ethical service. Because all the work is done online, the company can work with any business in any location, even long distance. All communication is done via phone, email, and sometimes skype. Many of them are full service agencies, meaning that they offer more than just search engine optimization.

They are typically digital marketing agencies that also provide PPC advertising, copywriting, email marketing, social media marketing or management, and reputation marketing. These are just a few of the more common SEO services St. Petersburg can expect to find. All these services help a business build their brand and get more customers, which is the bottom line.


Creative Marketing Solutions For a Rat Control Business

Jun 19, 17
Frederick Imes
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A rat control business is ideal for those who are creative with their marketing solutions and spend time on these details. If you are not looking into this, you are going to pay a heavy price. A rat control business should be marketed with a passion that’s undeniable. If not, you are going to be swallowed by the other businesses who are ready to do what it takes, and will spend time appealing to those who matter. Let’s take a look at three solid creative marketing ideas a business can use.

Create Viral Content To Alert Masses

The first creative marketing solution is to create viral content because that’s going to show the masses rat control is a must. People might not be aware of what’s going on, and if you can build good content and spread it, you will see a burst of new leads come through the door.

How do you create viral content? All it takes is a good start with Facebook where you create meaningful content and post it to those who would be interested. If the content is good (i.e. new facts, cool information) they will fall in love with it and spread the word for you.

Connect With Local Superstores

You want to start connecting with local superstores because that is a great way to target those who matter. If you are not doing this, you are not going to gain success and it will bother you. Some people don’t connect with local superstores as much as they should, which means they never get the word out.

Why superstores you may ask? It has a lot to do with the fact they are the first stop people make with rat issues. Set up your advertisement near the traps and they will come in. Tampa rat extermination owners learned this and it has paid off in a big way for them.

Build Social Media Accounts

This is one option all rat control businesses should be looking into because it builds brand equity. Too many businesses focus on the short-term leads, and those are important, but what about long-term growth? This is how you are going to do it. You will need to build social media accounts and remain active on them for as long as you can.

Whenever you see someone suggest a problem with rats, you should be looking to help them out. This is going to show you are the real deal and care about people instead of force-feeding your business. These are the creative marketing solutions that are going to push you in front of your competitors and keep you there in the long-term.

If you are a business owner that wants to separate themselves from the rest of the market, you have to do this at the very least. It is going to put you, in a good light with the target audience and they’re going to love choosing your business over the rest. This is why creative marketing solutions are a must in the first place.