5 Things Rats Love About Your House

5 Things Rats Love About Your House

May 16, 17
Frederick Imes
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Rats are tenacious and highly versatile when it comes to finding food and shelter. Rats and mice will look for a way into a building any time of year, but they especially start entering into the home in the autumn while the temperature falls. They can squeeze through almost any gap, and much smaller than you would ever think of.

While it comes to rats, people are sometimes confused as people mostly don’t associate the term “rodent” with rats and mice, because rodents include porcupines, hamsters, guinea pigs, beavers and prairie dogs. But among all these, mice and rats can cause huge big issues. They will chew almost anything made of paper and wood (furniture) along with cables and electrical wiring, and they spread germs and different types of diseases.

Rats and mice breed in such a rapid manner that an infestation can easily reach to 200 within just a few months. Millions of homes report an issue with rodents every year at one point of time or another, and Tampa rat extermination is a big business.

Here is a list of 5 things that rats love about your home. Have a look.
black rat

    1. First and foremost, rats and mice always prefer comfortable and warm harborage. As a whole, rodents mostly prefer those things which we consider as our basic necessities like good food, a warm place to live and plenty of water.
    2. Rats love any place where food is widely available. They mostly eat different types of materials. Garbage, when left unsealed in the trash cans, can work like a buffet for the hungry rodents. Dog and cat food leftovers are also really tempting. Other things that rats prefer to have are fruits and the dried food items like grain, rice, pasta, and cereals.
    3. A good hiding place is one of the first things that rats will seek out. Rats and mice are capable of building their nests out of almost any and every material, but if there are piles of material or boxes like in the attic, that is the perfect place for them to nest. They mostly prefer materials like paper and cardboard. Many times they will even carry the nesting materials quite a distance, and therefore can even build their nest in the bottom area of a towel drawer.
    4. Rodents love to get busy through reproducing. The female mouse usually has its first litter at the age of 6-8 weeks and then reproduces almost in every two months. So, needless to say, that in case there is an infestation of rats or mice in your home, then there will not be just a mouse. Having just one can go to a severe infestation in just the blink of an eye.
    5. Whether you believe it or not, rats love to be trained athletically. They love to jump, they love to swim and they can climb almost any terrain. So, if you have any places in your home where they can play and jump, then they will prefer your home a lot.

    These are the things that can make rats or mice your new housemate. If you don’t want rats or mice inside the house, then taking steps to remove enticements is the best way to go. It’s much easier than getting rid of rats once they decide they like living in your home.

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